Work : Concept + Production + Director & Director of photography

Years : 2017

Notes :

I am very happy and proud to present you my latest work for the Brussels based visitor management company Proxyclick.
This serie of 4 videos is the result of a nice and fruitful collaborative process between myself, Central Design and Proxyclick.
Some of the interesting challenges we had to overcome when conceptualising the videos and then producing them were :

- Create videos that would work embedded into Proxyclick website or as stand alone

- Create videos that could work with or without sound.

- Create videos that would demonstrate the numerous feature and ability of the Proxyclick solution while staying short and enjoyable

- Define a specific “style” of video that could speak to the wide array of company already using Proxyclick’s solution (for ex : Airbnb, PepsiCo, L’oréal, Audi, …)

- Make the video work for the US market while keeping an european touch

You can watch the result of this process on this page either as a combined video or as four separate ones.
Thanks again to everyone involved :)