The Human Elephant - Fishing for Souls

Work : Director, Director of photography.

Years : 2013

Notes :

For our participation to this year Brussels International Kino Kabaret, we came up with a short film backed up with a great soundtrack by our Berlin-based friend "The Human Elephant".

This strange short film / music video based on a circular frame was shot on two roll of Kodak 16mm Vision3 500T (7219). It was shot, edited and first projected in a total of 72h at the 4th session of the 10th Brussels International Kino Kabaret.

"The Human Elephant - Fishing for Souls" is the first released track of a new album soon available on UMOR REX records

If you want to know more about the project just read the interview i gave to the great blog Director's Note.

I've also made a "Checkthis" with some behind the scene photo and video : Check it here.