Puggy - Scenography - "Something you might like - Tour"

Work : Producer, Scenographer

Years : 2011

Notes :

This is a project by Corentin Kopp & Cécile Balate for Lallali.com

In fall 2011 we were asked to work on the stage design of Puggy's two last show of their tour "Something you might like" in order to make them stand out of the rest of the tour.

After a few research we ended up by designing and building a simple but elegant wooden frieze on circular raisers that allowed us to create a warm feeling on the stage and offered the light technician multiple possibilities by playing with front and back lighting.

This configuration played in :
Brussels - Cirque Royal - 14.11.2011
Paris - L'Olympia - 17.11.2011
Both concert were sold out.

More image of this project in the video.
(video : youtube.com / Photos : @kmeron & Cécile Balate)

PS : Another version of this video exist with cleaner video footage, sadfully for copyright reasons i can't put it online but if you're interested in my work, just send me a mail and i'll be really pleased to let you acces it :)